Q.1- How does this program works?
A.- We are a one on one tutoring service provider. Our experienced education professionals deliver lessons in real time using internet technology. Every enrolled student is provided with a User Id and unique password to access a virtual class on our website. Our course coordinator work with students and parents to schedule the lesson time and day. At the scheduled time, the student logs in to our Web site from his/her own home to attend the live session.

Q.2- Which subjects and grade levels do you teach?
A.- Currently, we are offering math science, language arts, Spanish, French and Latin remedial, intervention and comprehensive tutoring service for 1st through 12th grades students. Our also offer test prep service targeted for PSAT, NSQMT, SAT, GMAT, GRE, ACT.

Q.3- What are the benefits of your educational program?
A.- Our program is customized to meet each student's academic needs and is delivered right in your own home. No more driving to another educational tutoring center, and no more classes missed because of bad weather or hectic traveling schedule. As long as the student has a computer and internet connection, s/he can enjoy his learning anywhere.

Q.4- How your program different from others?
A.-We take very personalized approach, and our sessions are delivered in one on one setting. We pride ourselves on our passion for education and quality of our service. We guarantee that your child will be taught by a highly qualified education professional. We customize each lesson plan according to each student's learning style and ability. With customized lesson plan and learning objectives, personalized attention, and use of technology, we inspire and motivate students to achieve academic excellence.

Q.5-What types of programs do you offer?
A.- We offer two types of services: Standard Math Program (SMP) and Math Test Preparation (MTP). Our SMP service is one on one basis and we assign a dedicated educator to work with each student. This service is ideal for students who prefer individualized learning environment. Math Test Preparation is designed to help students prepare for competitive exam such as PSAT, SAT, ACT, GMAT and GRE.

Q.6- How do you assess student's skills?
A.- Learning is an ongoing process, and our teachers continually assess each student's progress and ability. As a first step at enrollment, we ask the student to take an assessment test. The assessment test is analyzed by teacher to determine the student's level of understanding of the subject material. The assessment results are used to customize the lesson plan.

Q.7- What hardware and software are required for your service?
A.-In order to communicate with your child’s teacher, the computer should be equipped with a headset and microphone. We recommend purchasing a USB digital pad that allows student to write on it and share his/her work with teacher in real time. You are not required to buy any special software. There is free software that students can use to create documents. The list of reliable free software is available at our website on FAQ page.

Q.8- How can I keep track of my child's progress?
A.- Parents play a very important role in a child's learning process. We highly encourage parent participation in their child's learning. After your child's enrollment, each parent gains access to our website via a unique Login Id and password. Our website allows parents to track their child's progress and grades online. Parents can also schedule a conference with the teacher or Student Counselor to get feedback. Our teachers provide active feedback and continuously monitor student progress.

Q.9- Is scheduling a lesson flexible?
A.- Yes, we try to accommodate the student's family schedule and other needs. If a student needs to reschedule session, s/he should notify the teacher or our Customer Support Service within 48 hours.

Q.10- How can I enroll my child in your program? A.- The student enrollment process is very easy. A parent or student can go to our website and enter information on Enroll  to initiate the process. After the form is completed, our course coordinator will contact you to help you to schedule the assessment test and trial session for your child.

Q.11- How can I pay for your services?
A.- Our services can be paid for with any major debit/credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express), PayPal, or by certified checks.

Q.12- My child is an advanced learner in traditional school environment, can he benefit from your services?
A.- Yes, our program is customized to meet each student's learning style and academic goals. We assess each student's current level using assessment methods and tests. Based on assessment results, we take a personalized approach to learning at eMath360. We customize learning objectives and lesson plans according to each student's learning style, ability, and academic goals.

Q.13- Can my child get the same educator throughout the course? A.- We are focused on delivering high quality learning experience. Barring exceptional circumstances, we try to keep the same educator for a student throughout the course.

Q.14- How long does it take to complete the course?
A.- Our objective is to make sure each student develops a thorough understanding of educational concepts. The duration completely depends on the student's learning style and ability. If a student grasps the concept quickly, the teacher will move on to the next topic. If a student is struggling, our teacher may have to repeat the topic, which may require additional time.

Q.15- What is the duration of each session?
A.- Considering the productivity and the attention span of your child, our session duration for 1st through 8th grade students is typically 45-50 minutes and for 9th-12th grade is one hour. Our educator may allow a 5 minutes break, depending upon the student's interest and attention span.

Q.16- Do you offer special courses for summer break or track out periods?
A.-Yes, we offer special courses. Our special courses are designed for acquiring skills during summer break or track out for year-round schools. These courses are completed at a fast pace. The session duration and number of session per week vary based on student's ability and learning goals.

Q.17- Do you offer a referral incentive?
A.-We encourage referrals, and offer very attractive referral incentives. Our referral benefits policy does vary by region and is updated frequently. We encourage you to contact our Student Support Specialist to get further information on our referral program.

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