Q.1- Can I get the same tutor throughout the course?
A.- We are focused on delivering an uninterrupted and quality learning experience. Barring exceptional circumstances we try to keep the same tutor for a student throughout the course.

Q.2- How long it takes to complete the course?
A.- It completely depends on the your learning style, as well as ability, and also the course you are taking. Our objective is to make sure you develop a strong understanding of the concepts and that you are capable of applying your knowledge to solve problems. If you grasp a concept quickly, your teacher will move on to the next topic. On the other hand, if you struggle, your teacher may repeat the topic, which may require additional time. A suggested outline for pacing is that we plan eight lessons per month for five months gives most students enough time to cover math subject like Algebra 1 or II.

Q.3-What is the duration of each session?
A. - Your session duration, is one hour. Your teacher may allow a 5 minutes break, depending upon your attention span.

Q.4- Do you offer makeup classes?
A.- Yes, we try to accommodate your  family schedule and other needs. If there is an emergency or you have planned time off or a vacation, you should inform our customer support team or your teacher immediately. A session can be rescheduled with 48 hours notice.

Q.5- Do you offer special courses for summer break or track out periods?
A.- Yes, we offer special courses. Our special courses are designed for acquiring skills during summer break or track out for year-round schools. These courses are completed at a fast pace. Normally, the session durations for these courses are longer than regular courses.

Q.6- Do you offer a referral incentive?
A.- We encourage referrals and offer attractive referral incentives. Our referral incentive program does vary by region and is updated frequently. We encourage you to read our referral policy to find your region or to contact our student support specialist

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