Payment Policy

eMath360 tuition fee is due on first day of every month or upon receipt of invoice. Parents will receive student’s tuition fee invoice on monthly basis. Payment can be made using credit/debit card, check or PayPal. A check may be mailed to eMath360 LLC, PO Box 936, Morrisville, NC-27560-093.

Tuition Fee- Tuition fee is charged per month. There is no credit issued for the missed classes. For a makeup class a 48 hours prior notice is required (limit two makeup classes per month) 

Late Payment: When a payment is not received by 15th day of every month or due date mentioned on the invoice, the account will be classified as past due. A late payment charge of $20 will be assessed on all past due accounts.


Returned checks: When a check is returned to eMath360 due to insufficient funds, the customer will be charged a $35 fee. We do not honor any post-dated checks. All checks are processed on the day of receipt. Customers who have more than two checks returned from a bank on their account within a 12-month period will be required without exception to make their monthly payment using cash, by money order or credit card for a period of six months.

Collection process: Customers with past due payments will be notified in writing on the next invoice that the account must be paid in 10 days. This is the only notification that will be issued. If payment is not made within the 10-day period, eMath360 will stop delivering tutoring service and collection written collection notice will be sent. A $40 collection fee will then be added to the amount due.

Collection agency:If payment is not made by the due date after final collection notice, the account will be referred to collection agency and customer will be responsible for all collection charges in addition to the balance on the account.

For additional information please call eMath360’s customer care at toll free +1.877.628-4360.

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