eMath360 has been a life-saver!

eMath360 has been a life-saver! As many homeschooling parents know, when students reach middle and high school, teaching math can be tremendously challenging. eMath360 has enabled my child to make extraordinary progress in developing her math skills and keeping pace with challenging learning milestones. A key to our success was that the teacher adapted her teaching to my daughter's learning style while making the lessons interesting and engaging. Also, the recording of each lesson was extremely useful, as I was able to get a sense of where my child was succeeding most and where I needed to provide her with additional practice of skills. Being able to both see and hear the approach the teacher was using helped me in replicating her successes at home.
The technological aspects of the program are great at keeping today's tech-savvy teenagers engaged in the learning process. It's comforting and reassuring to know that you have a highly qualified teacher available to augment your homeschooling program.

Allison Zoller, M. Ed., Homeschooling Parent

The teacher's teaching style paralleled Meera's learning abilities

The tutor’s teaching style paralleled Meera’s learning abilities. She told me that every class was a new exploration in mathematics; therefore, it was a new learning experience for her. What most impressed me was that the teacher bases her tutoring lessons on the school syllabus. That way Merra had a good foundation of the topics prior to them being covered in school. We hope to continue eMath360 for my daughter.

 -Veena Deva, Parent

A different approach to learning math

“I love eMath360 because it’s a different approach to learning. I had a lot of fun with my tutor, and she worked really well with my learning still. Since my tutoring sessions are one -on - one, we can spend more or less time on a particular topic as I need. The assignments aren’t too much for me to handle. Everything is explained in a way that just makes sense. I feel very comfortable asking questions with my tutor. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who doesn’t learn as well in the classroom, or someone who want to try something fun and different.”

- Connor Bernstein, eleventh grade homeschooler, says, “This is a different approach to learning math.”

I really enjoy my classes

I really enjoy my classes and love how my teacher explains the concepts well. She has helped me understand topics I needed help with. Every class, I learn something new, and I remember it long after the tutoring session has ended. My teacher is very professional, and I am really looking forward to my next class. 

-Meera Deva, 6th Grade Student

So glad that I tried their service!

“My associate with eMath360 and the people involved has only been for a few weeks, but I already am so glad that I tried their service. My son is really enjoying working with them. Richie is a really good math student, but he does tend to get caught up in trying to finish quickly. Therefore, he tends to make small mistakes or gets frustrated. The teachers involved with him have been so helpful in trying to diagnose the problem while continuing to work with him until he feels more at ease. They have been very helpful in trying to schedule and work with us on any technical issues or tutoring times. I know Richie will keep up with this as long as needed. I would definitely recommend eMath360 for both those who struggle in math and those who want to excel in their studies.”

 - Alisa Huff, parentsays “So glad that I tried their service!”

Very happy with my decision to enroll Daisy

“I am very happy with my decision to enroll Daisy in eMath360’s math learning program. She loves the one - on - one interaction with her teacher. The teaching style and pace is perfect for my daughter. The lesson customization was according to her current learning level. This approach worked fantastically with my daughter. Initially, she was shy; however, my daughter developed a warm and friendly relationship with her teacher. Now, she communicates openly. The other great thing about the eMath360 program is the session recordings. I receive a recording link after each class. This allows me to review the session and help Daisy if I need to review something with her. Daisy is always excited and ready for her classes. We used to struggle with her homework. Now, she doesn’t even ask me for assistance. She understands what she is doing. I can’t thank you enough for that. This is a great tutoring company. What you charge for lessons is nominal compared to what students get out of it. Great job, eMath360.         

-Erica Njie, Parent

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